Burkman Bros Talk Kanye West And Travel

So the saying goes, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” According to Burkman Bros co-designer Doug Burkman, it does — at least when it comes to his label’s signature woven bracelets. “You know the bracelets existed long before he wore them,” Doug said at a recent studio visit. The “he” Doug is referring to is the illustrious Kanye West, known just as much for his fashion sense as his rap lyrics. “We did these mini bracelets and they’ve been a big part of the Burkman Bros’ DNA since the beginning. The idea was if you buy an item of clothing, a bracelet is attached and you become a friend of the brand, like a friendship bracelet.”

How then did Doug and his brother Ben becomes friends with the ever so famous West? “We sold them at the cash wrap at Ron Herman and he was in the store prior to Coachella earlier this year,” said Ben. “He just happened to mix them with some Cartier gold bands and everyone got photos of him at the festival.” It was no small feat for the two-year-old family business, known for their travel inspired menswear. “Once the blogs found out they were Burkman Bros bracelets, everyone started emailing us, and asked if we sell them,” Doug continued. ”We launched an e-commerce site for the bracelets as a response, and recently expanded. It was just serendipitous.”


Uniqlo’s New Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue

Yesterday while standing in front of Uniqlo’suptown Fifth Avenue location with designer and architect Masamichi Katayama, a passerby’s voice was overheard exclaiming, “I don’t know what that is, but it’s gorgeous!” Katayama, the store’s innovator, was flattered by the compliment, “that’s a very good sign, makes me smile.” Though the person who shouted the sentiment might not be familiar with the Japanese-based clothing store, this particular location is meant to become their stamp on the U.S. and its burgeoning fast-fashion dominance.

We had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek of the brand new 89,000 square foot space before it officially opens to the public today at noon. According to Masamichi, “it is the biggest and boldest Uniqlo store in the world, even more statement-making than it’s Tokyo counterpart.” And if this store is one thing, bold is definitely it. Walking in you feel more like you’re in an international airport than a clothing store and that is exactly what Masamichi intended with his sleek and open design. He told us, “this is the premiere location in the world and it is the window to the world for Uniqlo, so it is kind of like an airport.” Bringing Uniqlo to the world makes total sense for a brand that has cemented its roots with its signature tag line, “Made For All.”